If so and if you are over the of 9 and you would like to try your hand at powerboat racing in one of our training boats then read on.
We offer two options, The first is for someone who wants to have a go in a single seater power boat. We call it a taster session because it is exactly that.
The taster sesssion consists of 4 half hour blocks. Block 1 is all the admin and briefing about the rest of the session, block 2 is kitting you out with the safety gear (which we provide), block 3 is the on-water 6 lap session (usually there will be other people taking part in the other training boats, and they will also be on the water in the same block, although one at a time) and the final and 4th block is more admin plus a debrief. The session will take place at an agreed time on one of our calendared training dates.use minimum 24 laps of our junior racing circuit. This is a great Birthday or Christmas gift. This session costs £50.
The training session is a full day of classroom based training with several on-water sessions and costs £100, or only £50 if you have already attended the taster session with us at LPRC.
You need to be medically fit and be willing to take on board the instructions from your trainer. You will need to bring suitable clothing that will cover your arms and legs as well as suitable footwear such as trainers. We may be able to provide racing overalls depending on your size and a helmet and life-jacket will always be provided.
Once you have completed your first race we are confident that you will be hooked by this family centred sport and there will always be people around to advise on the purchase of your own outfit, which you will need to compete in the next round of the club championship and then the various national championship events that take place around the country.
Whilst no form of motorsport can ever be described as cheap, powerboat racing represents the least expensive and most exiting way of entering a high action, adrenalin fuelled sport. Pre owned Junior race boats, depending on availability, can be purchased for around £3000 and running costs for a season club racing is around £500. Remember that as club events are run on a personal handicap basis everyone has an equal opportunity of winning irrespective of your investment. To compete at the highest level both Nationally and Internationally will require an investment of about £6,000 and running cost remain very low especially when compared with Karting.