Boat Regulations
Opening Times
Club Rules

There are two main options for membership of the club; racing membership and recreational membership.

Racing membership or ‘Full’ membership so named because these members (a couple) will take part in the full range of activities offered by the club. The first two years of membership are referred to as Probationary years leading to Full membership on condition that the members have taken an active part in the range of club activities during the period. Activities include racing (min. 5 races per year for 2 years), recreational water use (e.g. skiing) social events and work parties. In some cases the probationary period is extended. Children of Full members who wish to take part in water based activities are subject to an additional membership fee.

Additional race information can be found on the Racing page.
Recreational membership or ‘Family’ membership is aimed at those who do not want to race themselves and very often families with young children will join in this category. Participation in race events in a supporting capacity on 5 occasions per year for 3 years, and one occasion annually thereafter is a requirement of this category. Family members are of course encouraged to take part in any of the social activities organised by the club for it’s members.
We also have House membership for those who share our love of powerboat racing or water sports in general and although happy just to sit on the side and watch, wish to feel part of our extended family. Parents of our junior powerboat racers who do not wish to take to the water themselves, would be able to join as House members for a maximum of 2 years.
Racing and recreational members can have additional people join their membership group as drivers or skiers for an additional membership fee. Members may also bring visitors to the club who may ski under day membership for up to 6 visits per year. Children of members are not treated as visitors and a membership fee should be paid for them.
Annual membership fees are listed below. The Full membership year started 1st November and the Family membership year started 1st March. Part year fees may be applicable.


  • Full Membership (Husband / Wife) £320
  • Probationary Member (usually 2 years) £420
  • Family Membership (includes children up to leaving FTE) £550
  • Full time student £65
  • Junior Member (16 or 17years) £65
  • Child (5 to 15 on 1st November) £35
  • Infant (under 5 on 1st November) Free
  • House Member (Husband / Wife) £55
  • Family / Social Driver (min. age 16) £230
  • Associate Member (not a driver) £120
  • Day Membership (incl. visitor ski fees) for over 16s £5

Boat Regulations

All boats (with only a few exceptions) used on the water at LPRC must comply with the following rules.
· Maximum length 16’6″
· Maximum noise 75dB A @ 25M at full throttle
· No jet skis or similar personal watercraft.
· Fitted with a foot throttle only which returns to tickover when not pressed.
· Steering to be sound. If cable steering the cable must not be plastic covered.
· Engine mountings and fixing to be sound.
· Hull to be sound especially the transom.
· Seats to be sound and fixed securely
· At least one engine kill switch to be fitted adjacent to the driving position(usually located in the remote control box).
· A painter to be securely fixed to the front of the boat and must not reach the transm.
· The LPRC number must be displayed on the starboard side of the boat (black numbers on white background – 24 cm high) along with the current year’s LPRC membership sticker
· The LPRC number must be displayed on the trailer.
· Fuel Tank, battery and all other heavy equipment must be securely fixed to the boat.
· Sufficient demonstrable buoyancy to float a swamped boat to be built in.
Note all boats must be scrutineered and noise tested annually. Specific test days are allocated around March time each year. If boats are not presented on one of the allocated days, a £10 fee will be charged for it to be tested at another time. New boats are exempt from this additional charge.

Opening Times

The water is open all year at the following times:
Sunday 9.00am ’till 8.45pm or dusk (whichever is the earliest)
Monday Closed all day
Tuesday 9.00am ’till 8.45pm or dusk (whichever is the earliest)
Wednesday 9.00am ’till 8.45pm or dusk (whichever is the earliest)
Thursday 1.00pm ’till 8.45pm or dusk (whichever is the earliest)
Friday 9.00am ’till 8.45pm or dusk (whichever is the earliest)
Saturday 9.00am ’till 8.45pm or dusk (whichever is the earliest)
Water will be closed for one hour everyday for lunch. During the Winter (GMT) this is between 12.00pm to 1.00pm and in the Summer (BST) this is between 1.00pm and 2.00pm. No powered craft are allowed on the water during this time.
On race days, the water is closed for recreational use. On race test days (2 per month, Saturdays 2-6pm) race boats take priority, but the water may be used for recreational use with the agreement of race boat drivers or if no race boats are in attendance.

Club Rules

All members have a duty to treat the club (water, club house and grounds) with respect and abide by its rules which protect the safety of the members and our guests. Any members who believe that the rules are being breached have a duty to raise the matter politely with the individual/s concerned.
Members should also advise non-members that they must be members of the club to launch their boat and refer them to the steward or any Board member present or the membership secretary. It is therefore important that all members display their LPRC boat number and scrutineering sticker on their boat/s.
Members and their guests should always leave the grounds and toilets/showers in a clean and tidy condition. Members should ensure that shutters, gates and doors are closed and locked appropriately.
A full list of membership guidelines will be provided to all new members and annually to existing members. Please report any matters of concern to the steward or contact any Board member by email or phone.